Wednesday, February 8, 2012

wee bit of mazzy may

On my Wish list!

Ins & Outside coat
Flared Wool Princess coat

via Cafe Fashionista! Valentine's Day Style Guide

Wanting to find a Valentine Beau just like Angelic Paul on THE FADES.

excerpt from Intangible:

And then she knew. No vision had ever terrified him. Never. In seventeen years. It was as if his own life were at stake. But he didn't See his own future. He only saw other's. She suddenly had a terrible feeling that she knew exactly whose future he'd Seen.
    Her voice was a whisper. "Do I get hurt?"
    His face contorted, but he didn't say anything.
    "Oh my god. Do I die?"
    He closed his eyes.
    "Oh." The air rushed out of her lungs on that one word. She was going to die.
    Luke's voice was tight, tortured when he said, "We gotta go." He bent down to pick up Sera's bag again, then headed out the door. Sera looked down at her feet. Their book bags lay there. She should probably pick those up, she thought. Luke was already on the porch, waiting. She reached down and grasped the bags, then woodenly stepped outside.
    Luke stared at her a moment, searching her face, then reached around her and locked the door. He started down the steps, but her voice stopped him.
    He turned to look at her. She was going to die. She knew she was going to die. But she couldn't stop herself from asking even though she already knew the answer.
    "Have you ever had a vision that didn't come true?" she said. "Ever?"

Ian De Caestecker would definitely be Luke in Intangible. Laura Wiggins would be his twin sister Sera in my dreamcast.

Listening too....Nouvelle Vogue!


Thesmallnoble said...

the coat is amazing and the song is it too. Love this post!

meg said...

In love with the coats, especially..Ian..and I love the song, too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...thank you so much for the shout-out! I am dying to add both of those coats to my wardrobe, as well! :)

ivy's closet said...

Cool coats. Love that song & Ian, too.

lucy and sarah said...

I love this song!

Anonymous said...

Ian is adorable!

Sara said...

He is cuuuute! I love the coats, cafe Fashionista had some great Vday posts this month!