Monday, April 16, 2012

eye-candy Monday

I'm becoming obsessed! I'm afraid..with Matt Bomer, after seeing him on Glee.

1. He has a cool name, and such splendid style dressed up or dressed down.

2. He was almost Superman, and I wish he would have been.

3. He and his partner have 3 kids.

4. He's got a great voice.

5. I think we'll see him in more future films. I hope.

If that's not enough, he's in MAGIC MIKE with Channing Tatum coming out in June.


nancy said...

:O *drool* eyecandy indeed.

Sara said...

oh wow, look at that sud muffin! (Yep, I'm bringing it back!) He is a cuuuutie :) So cool that he has 3 kids, whew, lots of work!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, he is gorgey - and he would have made an awesome Superman! :)

ellie said...

Really, admire him so much. And I love his voice too.

lucy and sarah said...

He's so handsome. I hope we see more of this Dashing Dapper!

Lyosha said...

he look magical! what a nice man! love his style!
thanks for sharing!

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amy b.s. said...

um yes. that is definitely some eye candy.