Monday, September 17, 2012

eye-candy Monday

Adam Scott might not be everyone's eye-candy. Yet, I love to see him on screen. I love him pairing up in PARTY DOWN with Lizzy Caplan. And they were great and very quirky together in BACHLORETTE. 

Some may even remember him in BOY MEETS WORLD. Perhaps you know him from PARKS & RECREATIONS.  He was Veronica's favorite teacher on VERONICA MARS. There is just some quirky and fun about Adam Scott.

His wife is Naomi, but not the Naomi Scott from Lemonade Mouth. They have 2 kids. And he's very good friends with Paul Rudd.


MOSAMUSE said...

i like th epic that looks like a school photo...but of a 30 yr old :)

Chris Ed said...

I didn´t know about him, he is so cute! I love the second picture!

t said...

Nice post!