Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Can't get enough of

The remake of Upstairs Downstairs has only one of its original characters, Rose Buck. Jean Marsh did 54 of the original episodes. She is in full form as the housekeeper of a new household on 165 Eaton Place. The orginal setting was from 1903-1930. The remake starts in 1936 with England on the brink of war with (Keely Hawks) Lady Agnes and Sir (Ed Stoppard) Hallum Holland. Of course, the couple takes on up and coming London. They also take in orphans and vagrancy as well so they won't have to pay much for the servants. But being guided by Rose as the housekeeper, we see how the world is changing in politics, and even life of Kings. Its also a wake up of how history was toward the mentally challenged in those days. Also there is lots of time for all sorts of drama. If you haven't caught this series yet, that started in 2010, you just might want to tune in to PBS on Masterpiece Theater on Sunday nights.

Lady Percy (Claire Foy) Breaking all the rules!
Ivy(Elle Kindrick) on the lower end of things as the orphan maid with dreams of being a star.
Nico Mirllegro as Johnny Proude certainly had some unexpected moments on the show too.
Neill Jackson's Harry was the real romantic on the show who found it difficult following the rules with Lady Percy around.


Chris Ed said...

Sound like a great show. The styling looks cool!

meg said...

Such a great cast and awesome writing too!

lucy and sarah said...

It was so much better than I even expected.

MOSAMUSE said...

i like the styling of the shoe as well! nice review

Cafe Fashionista said...

This show sounds so awesome; I seriously need to check it out! :)