Monday, October 15, 2012

eye candy Monday

Max Thieriot turned 24 yesterday. You probably grew up with him in such films as CATCH THAT KID and The Pacifier. But you might have loved him in those horror movies like MY SOUL TO TAKE. Recently, he starred with Jennifer Lawrence in The House at the End of the Street. He'll be in the upcoming TV Movie Bates Hotel.

His last name is pronounced "tair-ryoh".

"It almost seems like it's not really me. If you screw up, you see the tiniest little mistake that no one else will see. You'll totally be like, 'Wow, that sucks, I hope nobody else notices!" He says about seeing himself in the movies.


meg said...

I always wondered how to say his last name.

He's really grown up.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Very cute! :)

Sara said...

Wow, someone grew up to be a cutie! ;)

Chris Ed said...

He is cute! Lovely post!

MOSAMUSE said...

aaww his kid pic is soo cute :)