Wednesday, March 20, 2013

wee bit Wednesday

I'm Watching: TWISTED!

This has to be Avan Jogia best role yet as Danny who comes back to school after spending 5 years in jail for killing his Aunt. On his recent arrival his father has been killed in a boating accident. He goes to school one day and the girl who likes him is found murdered. Is he a sociopath? Can he regain the trust of his childhood friends? Twisted will start in June on ABC Family but last night there was a sneak peak of the show after Pretty Little Liars. Can't wait for June 11th!
Fangirling Ashton Moio as Rico on Twisted. He's the nerdy friend who might have more answers than you think.

I'm Listening:

Morrissey! He had to cancel his North American tour due to double pneumonia. We had tickets. We'd been waiting since November to see him. Actually, got tickets back in August. They kept postponing his concert due to his ill mum, then he had a bleeding ulcer. I hope this dude gets better soon.

 “Love is natural and real, but not for such as you and I.

 I'm adoring: 

OPI Nail Polish The Grape Lakes

OPI Tickle My France-y


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, Tickle My France-Y is such a gorgeous color! :)

Sara Gerard said...

I still need to learn how to do a manicure.

ivy's closet said...

Love Twisted! Cool fingernail polishes too.