Monday, April 8, 2013

Eye Candy Monday

I’ve seen the [films] and was a big fan, and I read the books to see if there was anything in there I could use as inspiration. But we’re really working off the scripts. I knew quite a lot about serial killers before, don’t ask me why I was reading those books, but [Hannibal is] not one of those. He’s very special. He’s an invention. The closest thing I could find to that was the fallen angel. The fallen angel believes in the beauty of the darkness. That is so incomprehensible to us, we can’t understand it, and so we’re attracted to it. So I wasn’t reading textbooks about mental disease, I was imagining how it was to be Satan. [But] Satan isn’t necessarily a man with the horns; we’ve seen him come to life in many movies or books, but it’s dark.
Mads Mikkelsen

Is it possible for Hannibal Lector to be sexy? Well, NBC hired the sexiest man in Denmark for the job on Thursday nights. Mads Mikkelsen has been seriously taking on roles since Pusher in 1996. However, you might remember him best in Clash of the Titans (latest version) or Casino Royale.

The Royal Affair (2012)
I had a meeting first, then a casting, and I was all ready to do the torture scene with Daniel (Craig). And there was so much going on around us, people running in and out, and then someone said ‘great having you on board. And I didn’t move, and then they said ‘go away, I don’t want to see you, you got the job.’ Daniel was standing next to me and he said really quietly, ‘all right - tell me your secret, because I went to five castings - who did you f***?’
Mads Mikkelsen


ivy's closet said...

Hannibal was so weird. I'm not sure I got it.

Sara Gerard said...

I like his look! Especially with that pony tail.

MOSAMUSE said...

nice cheekbones...

lucy and sarah said...

Definitely scary!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I've heard he's incredible as Hannibal! :)