Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Its Wednesday

Things are getting rather intense for the girls on Pretty Little Liars. Will they ever win? The mystery can go on, but we just might have to have these Converses for the fall.  Get them HERE.

Daphne from Switched at Birth might not have the best of luck in guys, but she can look good in any situation. Especially from TopShop.
Phoebe might be just that extra friend who might come in handy on TWISTED. Still, she knows her fashion. Find it at Urban Outfitters.
Check out WORN ON TV.

Have a big occasion sometime in the future? These are very easy to use and look great and last, too. A small file and something for your cuticles come in the package. The best price I've found around for these nail strips are at CVS. 


ivy said...

Love those shoes!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I need to check out Worn on TV - I'm obsessed with those sneaks! :)

Sara Gerard said...

I love worn on tv! I found lots of cute things when bunheads was on.