Thursday, December 5, 2013

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DIY: Ombre nails tutorial (tip)

DIY: Ombre nails tutorial (tip) by one-man-band-tips on Polyvore

Everyone loves that professional-looking faded nail art, but can you do it at home? Of course! And it's much more simple than it looks. Check out this DIY ombre nails tutorial! If you have questions please comment.
+ Sponge (about the size in the photo)
+ Plastic cover sheet (like to put in a binder)
+ Toothpicks
+ Clear topcoat polish
+ Two colors (maybe the same color but different shades, like navy blue and sky blue)
O1; First, use the lightest of the two colors you chose and paint completely. Let your nails dry all the way!
O2; On your plastic sheet laid out on a flat surface & paint a generous amount of the two colors next to each other on the plastic. Make sure the edges of the colors are touching.
O3; Get one toothpick and swirl the two colors where they meet in the middle.
O4; Take your sponge corner and dab it on the nail polish two times.
O5; Dab the sponge up and down your nail slowly.
O6; Repeat as many times needed until your nail color looks mixed.
O7; Add two or three top coats, as many needed so that the surface does not appear bumpy!
O8; Use a Q-tip to wipe off any polish that got on the sides of your nail.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I LOVE this look!!


Sara Gerard said...

OMG, this looks like it is right up Erkia's ally! lol, awesome post!

MOSAMUSE said...

thats cool!