Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas is over

Christmas is over

Oh, we were late in having our it was..
still..I heard plenty.

And somebody got out the hard liquor. the time it was over, my brother was a real beast.

He wanted to Christmas arm wrestle. I thought he was going to hurt his back, trying to pick up everyone.

Hopefully, he slept it off.

It was fun. However, the pecan pie was yet another sticky mess. Thank God! for rice crispie treats! The smoked turkey was great which put me to sleep by 8. So yeah, I've had a long winter's spite of our very strange weather which included freezing fog.. at one point, freaky thunderstorms and a fierce wind. Not at all, what we come to think of winter in the heartland.

Hope your holiday was good with moments of reflection and other good things.

Someone remembered my crochet interest. Also I got a prompt book.. "Finish this Story"

Hope your Christmas was a good one. 

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