Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Molly & Tess

getting unstuck

Tess stopped in her tracks. Molly thought that was kind of funny, but then she noticed who she was looking at. Even more so, Molly saw how he was looking at Tess.

Molly so wanted to say What's going on here? But she didn't. She knew. She very well knew what was going on. Molly winced, maybe scowled. This was going to be so uncomfortable. She went straight to the breakroom to sit down. She couldn't possibly think, with that guy around. The one who had been so rude to tell her that she'd been so rude. When in fact, he wanted things from the computer lab that just weren't possible. For starters, those computers for the public didn't even have sound cards.

Molly nursed her lip. She grabbed her cell. She couldn't think of anyone to call but Sal.

"What's up?" He picked up on the first ring.

"I've been thinking, we should find someone for Tess." She told him.

"Like what? A cat. She doesn't seem like a dog person, but maybe she really is." At least, he wasn't being too awful about her. They rarely got along.

"No." She sighed. "A person. A guy. She-she needs a boyfriend."

"This isn't like making instant mashed potatoes, you know." He reminded her. "She hates everything, doesn't she?"

"You must know someone." Molly pushed on.

"Why is this so important? Now? I mean-"

"What? You mean us? We're perfectly fine." Everything took him an eternity to do. Practically. Except for cooking and s e x. Another thing, she would not mention to Tess. Molly was still irritated that Tess wanted to know if she and Sal were still having s e x. "We're not staying home tonight. We're not. We need a date." It sounded like an ultimatum. But they needed to go out instead of staying in all the time.

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