Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Say it Ain't True

"I like my life, OK?" Tess stirred up her hot noodles at the afternoon break time. "I don't need fix'n up." She was lucky today. Molly had break time with her, which never ever happened.

"Its just Rumors." Molly sounded as if it were nothing.

"I thought they closed down. Wasn't there a shooting or knifing or something?"  Tess made a face at the cup of noodles, but she dug in. She'd finally got around to eating something. She'd spent her lunch break with Dax. They'd looked at a mutt he was wanting to get. But it sounded like she'd have to keep him. So she said, no.

"I think you're thinking of the other Rumors." Molly munched on a granola bar with her apple juice.

"There's another one?" Tess glared up at her with her feet on the chair as she leaned back on the couch, trying to find energy for a few more hours. "You know, what I should do, is clean out the fridge."

"God, Tess, you don't want to do anything, anymore." Molly made a face. A weird one. "You just can't get over Grant."

"I'm f u c k i n g   over.... Grant."  Tess was about to lose her appetite.

"But you guys were tight. You know. I thought you'd be married with a kid by now." Molly made it sound so perfect with Tess' ex-fiance. She still had his ring. She didn't throw it off the bridge like she told him, when he asked for it back.

 Obviously, Molly didn't know Grant. No one knew just how vain he was. He only loved himself, and she just wasn't pretty enough for him. And... he'd never know her now. And she was proud of that. She darn sure was. She found herself smiling.

"OK, lets...f u c k i n g  do this." She swallowed a noodle then.

"You, have to watch your language." Molly gave her a stern look.

"Around that dude who's name rhymes with the F word?" Tess winced.

"No. Here. You, dufus." Molly got up. Break time was over and Tess was still left with a lot of noodles.

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