Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Molly & Tess


"S h i t." Tess should have known she'd end up at the wrong Rumors. There was plenty of parking at the desolate parking lot. She didn't know where she was going. F - c k this, she thought. She'd just have to have a cigarette and ponder what to do in her car. Just about then a pickup truck pulled up beside her.

Tess' eyes glared at the guy. She hoped her doors were locked. Except in her old car the passenger side didn't lock. Naturally he got out and opened the passenger side as if he knew it wouldn't lock.

"You wouldn't be Tess, would you?" His knit cap hid his eyes.

"Holy s h i t!" Tess blew smoke in his face. "Who the f--ck-" Her heartbeat felt uncontrollable. "Oh, its you. Puck." she didn't smile.

He just nodded.

"You... know where this place is?" His grin was cool and he was pretty laid back, but that was all she could make of him.

"Evidently..NOT bad Rumors, I guess." She shrugged as she finished up her cigarette.

He sat in the passenger seat and called Sal.

"You are so clear on your directions man, where in the hell are you?" Puck sighed. They talked for a while. He got off his andorid and looked at her. "You... want to leave your car at home and you can come with me?"

"What makes you think... I want you to know where I live?" She gave him a mean stare that she wasn't easy. Possibly, she hated everyone.

"Just thought-" He looked puzzled and a tad shy as if she'd stomped him out like a used cigarette butt.

"All right." Her tone was dreadful. This was going to be a freaking stupid night. She knew it. He got back in his truck and followed her home.

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