Saturday, July 29, 2017

Shadow Play Records - Drew

Shadow Play Records - Drew

Name Andrew "Drew" Manning
Age 22 (but most think he's older like 25)
Birthday August 5
FaceClaim Jesse Carere
Hometown Seattle
Likes -To be loved, laughter gets him high, people, dates, girls, Seinfeld, Michael Richards, Girls like Elaine Benes yet has a secret obession with Joan Jett, but would help out Daisy (who is a few years older but still looks 15 aka Hwang Seun-Un) in a heartbeat. Oh.. she's the first girl to get him and his standup.
Dislikes - He hates the idea that people would compare him to George Costanza, authority, buffet food, nagging mother, his perfect older brother (Ben Feldman), hecklers who have no sense of humor.
Personality - Most think of him as a lovable teddy bear but he gets in his slumps of depression and beats himeself up about not being funny enough. Daisy is his cheerleader.
Quirks/Habits/Mannerisms - He says, Hey..and You know..and uh...way too much in his monologues. His smiles are always open. He still thinks he's fat since he was a fat kid and drinks a lot of black coffee and watches Daisy consume large amounts of noodles on a daily basis.
Bio: Drew hates being called Andrew. His father left the family when he was only 5 and a lot of nights he watched the Tonight Show. It was there he decided to drown out his mother's tears and to forget he's ADHD and a tad dyslexic. Later, he decided to go on open mic(at 16) at a nearby comedy club. The manager guy told him he looked pretty funny. It was a rush. But when he looked at the faces in the stumped him, later the manager told him, "Sorry,'re really not funny). Since then he's practiced in front of the bathroom mirror with his shy smiles and trying to look hipster. He looks above the people's head. Not at them. If he makes him laugh, it like a drug, he can't get enough of. Still, there are those days he can't sleep, he can't eat. Seinfeld is the only thing that sooth his nerves. Thankfully, he found employment at the record store. He honestly has a thing for real Punk Rock music. Pearl Jam nauseates him. He's up on new bands..still his first love THE MISFITS.
Top 5 Songs at the moment

Where eagles dare - the misfits

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - Joan Jett

I fought the law - The Clash

Holidays in the Sun - S e x Pistols

Blister in the sun - Violent Femmes

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