Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Life and Times of a girl named Lola

The life and times of a girl named Lola

Lola has had quite a few number of roommates over the past. Some she knew longer than others.

Gerdi (the foreign exchange student from Germany who looks rather Asian) thought she was weird the first time they ate a meal together. Lola snarled up her nose at Gerdi's burger while Lola drenched her fries in mustard.

Crystal (Willa Holland) challenged Lola's love life. Actually, Crystal is probably the best roommate and friend that Lola ever had. Only, she didn't know at the time. Honestly, Crystal is still living on her unrequited love and sometimes lust for the unpredictable Lola. Yes, they slept together once and Lola is certain nothing never happened while Crystal vowed to never tell what really went down that night.

Lola is pretty sure Miles (Kim Sang-Bum) is the reincarnation of Henry Thoreau. They spent the day at a peace rally which turned out to be a Transcendental retreat. Its the happiest she's ever been and she's not certain why. Possibly, it was the good ganja he brought along, or he was good with his hands.

There is also Ben(Jason Dolley) she sees every morning on her way to work or classes. He works at the coffee shop. He says she's the simplest customer he has. She drinks black coffee.

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