Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A man named Kenzo Riley

a man named Kenzo Riley

Lola won't say where they actually met.

"Maybe I thought him all up." She smiled one night when she was out with some friends from the underground newspaper, SIGN OF THE TIMES. Of course, she'd had a little too much to drink, but things were sweet then.

It was back in the day where the newspaper was very old school. She actually had to type up stories on electric typewriters. Then the stories were put together like a puzzle and printed on a big wheel power. Yes, she put in quite a few hours and she always brought in Kenzo's stories about how the man was facing the recession and the revolution in Russia that no one was talking about.

She spent plenty of long nights at the little enterprise under the comic-book store. And she walked home alone a lot of nights, and he kept her company.

Kenzo was a big brother she never head.

But it wasn't until the third roommate left that he poked his index finger in the middle of her forehead in the deep of night... that left a power red mark.

"You dummy, you need a roommate." He told her this was one of the reasons she wasn't sleeping at night. He then went on to say she needed to be nicer to people.

"Can't we all get along?" His sneaky grin could get annoying, but he told her she needed more tolerance in this world.

She knew he was right. She hoped she never ever woke up with a red mark on her forehead ever again.

Kenzo Riley was very real to Lola, even if no one had ever met him, but her.

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