Sunday, August 6, 2017

Drew & Daisy

Drew and Daisy

See..there's this Asian chick I met at the laundromat.

Couldn't understand a word she said, but didn't stop me from hanging out with her (he tells the audience)

Didn't take much for her to call me her Care Bear. (he grins about it as he focuses on the mic and walks a little to the left then a little to the right)

My brother asked me if we were dating. (His smile is open) I tell him I don't believe in dating. (Drew winces hard trying to hold a laugh in) I mean, what is that s h i t. Going out to feed your face at some high and might restaurant....expecting something to know, you have to dress up, wear aftershave.

I mean..Daisy and me..we've got no expectations.

We just hangout, read comic books. I watch her make ramen. (he almost giggles)

She likes eggs all sorts of ways in her ramen. (He shakes his head) Fried, boiled, scrambled.

Don't get me started about kimchi. (he shakes his head)

But..I gotta say..she knows her heavy metal. Yeah, I'm in love with a girl who's a CRASH fan girl.

PLAYLIST: (Crash was popular in 1991)


My Worst Enemy

Smoke on the Water

To be or not to be

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