Sunday, August 13, 2017

it's like this

Shadow Play Records - it's like this

"OK..." Drew didn't like what he was seeing..with Dane and Lola.

Also, the fact that his manager didn't want Dane on the stage. Except, people were loving it.

"Can you hire this guy every Saturday night?" He heard a customer ask, and it wasn't about Drew. It was that guy that everyone thought of... as Mick Jagger..but he was funny.

Drew had a bad feeling about this.

"If you want to keep this job..ANDREW, you get your a s s in here early Sunday morning to go through the Christmas music inventory." His manager backed him into a corner.

"Christmas music?" Drew might as well have had a bad taste in his mouth. "What..the.." Drew closed his mouth and looked up at the dude who wasn't all that much older than he was. Drew winced not wanting to take responsibility. But he remembered Daisy with all her little jobs. She worked at the photo shop, the grocery store. She even waited tables at the noddle shop.

Yes, he was truly a bum.

There was that Lola making a move on Dane. Drew gritted, not to say another word.

Who was the dumb a s s now?

Later, when he was out with Dane for some beer.

"What are you doing?" Drew really wasn't up to drinking with a friend.

"What do you mean?" Nothing phased Dane. He'd gone out with coffee with Lola and came right back to him like a trained pup.

"You know, Lola? Why? Why her?" Drew scowled. He could hardly stand her. She was never in a good mood. She might do a lot for the whales and maybe even the squirrels. ..but she was not Dane's type. Dane went out with girls who were ready for a booty call at a moment's notice.

"She..she's different." He nodded. "I think I need different. I don't need baggage."

"What are you trying to say?" Drew sighed. "You gotta a kid, I don't know about?"

Dane definitely didn't like that subject as he scowled back at Drew. He finally confessed as they walked back to Drew's place with a six pack of beer, that yes..he'd had a scare. Some stripper who was twice his age thought she was pregnant.

"But, she took care of it." He sounded calloused about it.

"Are you sure?" Drew looked at him as if he better take the trash out more often.

"Positively." But he didn't look so ambitious now. He was even lipped, maybe..even a little sad.

Drew didn't know what to do, but slap his hand across Dane's thin back. He guessed they'd have to take care of each other. He didn't really know they were even friends..until now.

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