Monday, August 7, 2017

Its a mad, mad world

its a mad, mad world

Drew's mad world of comedy

Cole (James Franco) Drew's stand up comic mentor. Sometimes, brother..but usually gives him the worst advice. A self centered fellow, but Drew thinks he's the best on stage.

Jess (Francesca Eastwood) the blonde with brains comic that was his one time crush, but now he sees her a little too rude and crude after being with Daisy.

Ace (Steve Harvey) He owns and runs the local comedy club that Drew hopes to find a second life in.

Dane (Harry Styles) Would be friend and fellow comic. But, Dane is a little too full of himself and manic depressive. Still, Drew feels sure Dane has the look and the luck to go far in the stand up world.

Gillian (Kate McKinnon) possibly the most vicious comic Drew knows, yet she always tries to help Drew with his comedy.

Minnie (Rebel Wilson) Recently, Drew met her at a comedy workshop. She teaches improv. He's learning a lot from her and her group.

Brice (Blake Anderson) a new friend Drew has made at the improv group.

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