Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lola's family

Lola's family
Lola's Mom- Vera (Julia Ormond) she never keeps a job very long. She worked at a bank, been a school secretary, a bartender, a coffee shop. Recenty, she went to work for a friend at an art gallery.

Lola's older sister - Victoria (Anna Popplewell) who's married to the multitalented land developer.

Owen - Victoria's rich husband (Bradley James) successful, but has a way of letting Lola know she'll never make it very far in this world on her own.

Joe - Her mom's so called husband (although, they have never married but have lived together a long time) (Hugh Laurie) who is also Lola's landlord. He's really used some tough love on her. He thinks she will never finish her undeclared major (it was once political science). It was his push to get her to find a job and she settled with the Shadow Play Records.

Another Joe(the one they never speak of) - Lola's father who she hasn't seen since she was really little who lives near Austin, Texas (Thomas Hayden Church)

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