Saturday, August 5, 2017

That time Drew wanted to be in a boy band

The time Drew wanted to be a New Kid on the Block

I dunno..for about a day..I thought I looked really cool in this New Kid's getup. Hat included. I didn't have a bucket hat, but close enough. You know, had to impress the ladies with the my doo. (he smiles proudly about it)

Do you know how much hair gel cost? It could seriously damage your credit. I am not kidding man. (He keeps smiling..not even sure where he's going with it on a small stage, but he looks out in total blackness. For a moment he's sure he might have a panic attack. He might as well be walking on the moon. If only he had some REM to listen calm his nerves..instead, he makes a clumsy attempt to some boy band dance moves he's got the audience laughing.)

Step by Step

Please Don't Go

Hanging Tough

Cover Girl

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