Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Roommate

SPR-The Roommate

It really wasn't my choice. I mean, no way can I ever convince my Mom's man of anything. Best to keep my mouth shut. The guy can be a little too close for comfort. Mom says he cares (squints eyes shut as if that's maybe a joke and then she sighs heavily) OK..I am the worst roommate in the world.

Actually, I'm a very clean person. At least, I think I am. (closes eyes, remembering how she can be). I..I..just can't keep my mouth shut. Especially, about being Vegan. I know..its not a real thing to do. I'm mean (she shrugs)Vegetarian is OK..but its like I'm too extreme for most people. (she sighs then) Its the wave of the future, you know.

(Eyes lit as if she's suddenly on board with her step-father Joe) SO..we..he..they..need the money..and I have to consider OTHER PEOPLE'S FEELINGS. (She rolls her eyes and hugs herself hard) When has anyone considered my feelings? (She gives the camera a dead stare) Never... and well..that's the end of that.

(Lola reaches for her bony knees now with the tips of her delicate fingers. Her fingernails are black and freshly painted..usually, they are chipped. They are very short. She doesn't always have time to do her nails and bites them to the quick..she sighs and you can barely hear her when she says) I don't know if I can live like this. (She clears her throat) I..I guess Eliza's nice enough. (She looks away from the camera and nurses her bottom lip) will probably be best if I stay know, to myself. (She nods).

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