Friday, August 11, 2017

This dudette named Lola

SPR- Drew at the record store

Holy S H I can be a real b i t c h...(he tells the audience as he walks around with the big fat mic trying to get comfortable...after all, he's on the little flat band stage at the record store where sometimes local artist and maybe even big names come in to the store, yet..still isn't sure what he should really say.) I mean...we've go some cool chicks (His grin is open) Most are really nice (of course, he uses a hand gesture that might mean they have great bodies or do a little something for guys in need of the s e x u a l nature) Some, might even win an HERBAL ESSENCES contest with all that hair, but not this one..(he shakes his head) not Lola. (He chuckles) She wants to save the whales, save the squirrels. (he rolls his eyes and shakes his head) And get this..she demands I find a date for her. (He cracks up)

This duddette..who doesn't give me the time of day..wants me to fix her up... with..a comedian. (he grins, he just can't stop) As if that might make her funny.

Dane: Is she pretty?

(Drew spots Dane in the little crowd of customers. He's never thought of his comedic pal to be the desperate sort.) What? (Drew is thinking this is just part of a skit that he has no idea about)

Dane: Is she pretty?

Her lips are big. (Drew chuckles)

Dane: Is she prettier than me?

(Drew can't hold the laugh in. Hell, he's afraid he might fart and s h i t himself) Nobody is prettier than you, Dane.

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