Friday, August 4, 2017

Why Lola Needed a Roommate

Why Lola needed a roommate

Best friend and ex-roommate Crystal is worried about Lola.
Even if Crystal has moved in with her International boyfriend Gustan that she calls G most of the time, she is worried and maybe secretly in love with Lola.
1. Lola is stubborn.
2. Lola works too hard and never gets paid enough. (Possibly, its too many causes Lola keeps running too.)
3. Lola will never eat meat, but Crystal has to have steak, at least once a week and craves seafood on a daily basis. These are things she has covered with G..who appears to be a Casanova but she doesn't find him that great in bed.
4. Lola keeps talking about a Kenzo that Crystal has never met. Crystal is starting to think he is imaginary or maybe Lola's alter ego when it comes to writing. After all, its a man's world in journalism and maybe that is the only way Lola can compete. Still, Crystal thinks Lola might be losing her mind being all alone. She is worried about her..but the only conclusion she can come too..Lola needs a roommate.

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