Sunday, August 13, 2017

it's like this

Shadow Play Records - it's like this

"OK..." Drew didn't like what he was seeing..with Dane and Lola.

Also, the fact that his manager didn't want Dane on the stage. Except, people were loving it.

"Can you hire this guy every Saturday night?" He heard a customer ask, and it wasn't about Drew. It was that guy that everyone thought of... as Mick Jagger..but he was funny.

Drew had a bad feeling about this.

"If you want to keep this job..ANDREW, you get your a s s in here early Sunday morning to go through the Christmas music inventory." His manager backed him into a corner.

"Christmas music?" Drew might as well have had a bad taste in his mouth. "What..the.." Drew closed his mouth and looked up at the dude who wasn't all that much older than he was. Drew winced not wanting to take responsibility. But he remembered Daisy with all her little jobs. She worked at the photo shop, the grocery store. She even waited tables at the noddle shop.

Yes, he was truly a bum.

There was that Lola making a move on Dane. Drew gritted not was to say another word.

Who was the dumb a s s now?

Later, when he was out with Dane for some beer.

"What are you doing?" Drew really wasn't up to drinking with a friend.

"What do you mean?" Nothing phased Dane. He'd gone out with coffee with Lola and came right back to him like a trained pup.

"You know, Lola? Why? Why her?" Drew scowled. He could hardly stand her. She was never in a good mood. She might do a lot for the whales and maybe even the squirrels. ..but she was not Dane's type. Dane went out with girls who were ready for a booty call at a moment's notice.

"She..she's different." He nodded. "I think I need different. I don't need baggage."

"What are you trying to say?" Drew sighed. "You gotta a kid, I don't know about?"

Dane definitely didn't like that subject as he scowled back at Drew. He finally confessed as they walked back to Drew's place with a six pack of beer, that yes..he'd had a scare. Some stripper who was twice his age thought she was pregnant.

"But, she took care of it." He sounded calloused about it.

"Are you sure?" Drew looked at him as if he better take the trash out more often.

"Positively." But he didn't look so ambitious now. He was even lipped, maybe..even a little sad.

Drew didn't know what to do, but slap his hand across Dane's thin back. He guessed they'd have to take care of each other. He didn't really know they were even friends..until now.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

bang a gong

SPR- Bang a gong

"What did you just do?" Crystal looked Lola over as Lola kept her eye on her name tag in her hand, covering it, so NO one would really know that Drew was talking about her on stage.

Lola let out a sigh and thought of fifteen minutes earlier when she cornered that bear of a guy Drew..who finally..after weeks and weeks of annoying Gus (the guy who ran the record store..supposedly) got his way with his little sitcom for Saturday afternoon customers to see. That's when she noticed his friend Dane showed up to support him. Immediately, she thought she wanted one. Kind of like one of those Swedish backpacks she could eye in a magazine but never get in this country. No, the fact remained..she need Dane who she doubted was a distraction.

Yes..if she could have him, well..not exactly. She would show her roommate, Eliza and even Crystal..she was very normal. She needed this. She basically pleaded with Drew who just looked at her as if she was exactly who he thought she was..and annoying little...(a lot of bad words could fit there, lets leave that to the imagination).

"I'll buy you dinner, I'll work your weekends.. please.." She'd never been this way before. She knew she was not a good actress...but big guy Drew had came through for her in the end. And damn, if Dane didn't take over and was much much more funnier than Drew with his Mick Jagger swag ..oh, he was killing it. And she could feel it. It was happening.

She laughed softly now with her friend Crystal who's boytoy showed up, asking what he'd missed.

Then seconds later, Dane showed up. Told her she didn't look a day over fifteen. She wanted to kick him where it hurt, but she put her hand over her mouth like a sweet little geisha girl would, as if he were the funniest thing she'd ever witnessed. He just wanted to know if she was legal.

"I've never..ever..seen you... like this." Crystal looked concerned. Lola shot her a look to keep her mouth shut. Then swallowed her pride and told Dane how witty he truly was.

Soon, Lola looked over her shoulder and spotted Eliza helping some preteen find the latest rap music. Lola sighed and grabbed Dane's belt loop and pulled him in.

His lanky body towered over her. She saw that sly smile of his. Evidently, they were on the right page.

Friday, August 11, 2017

This dudette named Lola

SPR- Drew at the record store

Holy S H I can be a real b i t c h...(he tells the audience as he walks around with the big fat mic trying to get comfortable...after all, he's on the little flat band stage at the record store where sometimes local artist and maybe even big names come in to the store, yet..still isn't sure what he should really say.) I mean...we've go some cool chicks (His grin is open) Most are really nice (of course, he uses a hand gesture that might mean they have great bodies or do a little something for guys in need of the s e x u a l nature) Some, might even win an HERBAL ESSENCES contest with all that hair, but not this one..(he shakes his head) not Lola. (He chuckles) She wants to save the whales, save the squirrels. (he rolls his eyes and shakes his head) And get this..she demands I find a date for her. (He cracks up)

This duddette..who doesn't give me the time of day..wants me to fix her up... with..a comedian. (he grins, he just can't stop) As if that might make her funny.

Dane: Is she pretty?

(Drew spots Dane in the little crowd of customers. He's never thought of his comedic pal to be the desperate sort.) What? (Drew is thinking this is just part of a skit that he has no idea about)

Dane: Is she pretty?

Her lips are big. (Drew chuckles)

Dane: Is she prettier than me?

(Drew can't hold the laugh in. Hell, he's afraid he might fart and s h i t himself) Nobody is prettier than you, Dane.