Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Lola & Dane

Lola & Dane

Maybe..maybe..I just wasn't thinking clear. Maybe I had had too much to drink. Maybe I had a lot of catching up to do..cause, I'd never been lonelier this Valentines day.

Lola is one cold fish. The ice queen of Valentines.

I know..I know she's done a lot for me. Just not in a romantic way. Its never been as fantastic as I'd hoped.

And I'd had a lot feelings get to me. You know, did I think about S E X all the time? Was I NO BETTER than those hot shots with all the power who are in a heap of trouble these days with this hashtag ME TOO, going on?

I didn't think so. I don't gloat, you know. Not really. I don't think, anyway. But it was on my mind. So I drank some bad rum. Got in a stomp.

Guess..I broke some dishes.

Lola wasn't home yet, and I was just blue. Yeah, that was it.

And when Daisy came to me..It was like lightening flashed and IT was so alive.

Never had I thought it would be so inviting and warm and cozy on a winter's night. She's good at being attentive. Not at all the needy type. And she showed me the way, with her touch and her kiss, that found parts of me I didn't know needed tending too.

Yeah, she's mermaid without a home.

- Dane

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Lola & Dane

Lola & Dane

Um, its been a very long and cold winter, and I can't say its exactly been the best of times with good old Dane. But he does make me laugh. I guess that has to count for something.

It's not like I can kick him out. After all, my roommate left so its just us and it has been an adjustment.

1. I have no time for my imaginary friend. Also the record place shut down, just after Christmas. I should have expected it. I mean, after all its 2018 and folks stream all the tunes they want these days.

2. I got on full time at this marketing place. All I have to do is guide folks with their online shopping accounts now. Yeah, a real bore, but it pays the bills, and Dane can still do his thing at the comedy club. No, he hasn't gotten on with any comedy club tour. Although, Drew made a debut on TV and ended up being a writer for a late night show.

3. Yeah, he had to leave Daisy behind. So she's rooming with us and still has way too many jobs.

So life goes on and we are some how managing..but just for how long? When winter is over..then what?

Will I remain in this situation? I'm not even sure I want to think about it.