Sunday, October 1, 2017

Lola & Dane

SPR-Dane & Lola

Ugh..I can hardly stand him..but guess who I slept with last night?
He has sharp toenails. Honestly, I was certain he'd turn into a werewolf, and I've have his werewolf baby.
Dunno where this is coming from..oh yeah, he was showing me his werewolf routine for comedy night, that's coming up... for his HAPPY HALLOWEEN gig.
Um, how in the world did I ever get to this place, in my life?
Dane thinks he's so funny. Not true. Not really.
He can do some funny things. He only likes his cereal when its mush. And sometimes, he smells like bacon.
Why..why do I know all this stuff about him? We are spending waaaay too much time together.
HE HAS NO PLACE TO GO. I won't say we are officially together, but he has seen me my undies, and he won't ever wear anything to bed.
OH much much longer?
If only I could truly tell my roommate how I feel..about everything.
It makes me sick at stomach, thinking of what she'd say.
But..this makes me sick, too.

Sunday, September 3, 2017



I don't know if I can fix this. I might be over my head. (Lola fumes as she paces the bathroom in her apartment. Its the only place she can be alone. She squints hard. Dane is waiting for her in her bedroom. She bites her thumb nail to the quick. What will she do with someone like Dane in her life.)

I can't (she shakes her head, thinking she could really need a smoke and she doesn't smoke anything, usually. She nurses her bottom lip. Then rummages through the medicine cabinet. Of course, she finds nothing. Finally, she remembers the pot hidden in the commode. Luckily, she finds the baggie wrapped tight and the content is dry. She is thrilled and most certain amazed, wondering if someone it looking out for her.)

Kenzo. (Lola smiles. He always has a way of coming through for her. Maybe, she'll get through the night with Dane, after all, but then she squints, almost in pain. She has her room mate to worry about, but then again, Lola wants her roommate to think she's cool. She smiles as if she's got this. Yeah, her roommate will think she's cool..maybe.)